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Kanger KBOX Silver

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There are seven available wattage output settings – 8, 13, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 watts – which the user can select with the touch of a button. Each output increase is indicated by an LED light.

The KBOX is housed in an aluminum chassis so you get a heavy-duty vaping device that is lightweight and easy to grip. This box mod works with any 18650 IMR type battery but KangerTech recommends cells that operate at 20A or more to achieve best results. The KBOX has all the safety features you would expect from Kanger including short circuit, over-current, and reverse battery protection. Power output will be cut off automatically if you press the firing button for more than 10 seconds to prevent damage to your atomizer.

A set of bright LED lights indicates remaining battery power. The KBOX also has a heat dissipation hole and interchangeable battery socket. With a 510 connection, this box mod from Kanger can work with most atomizers available on the market.

The KangerTech KBOX is designed for vapers who are new to mods. Any beginner can enjoy all the advantages of a variable wattage box mod and you do not have to use subohms (but can down to 0.4 if you likem, just make sure your 18650 battery (not included) can handle it


Replaceable 18650 battery (the battery is not included and must be purchase seperately)
Battery level indicator
7 wattage settings (8W, 13W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W and 40W)
Fires sub-ohm atomizers as low as 0.4 ohm
Lightweight and durable
510 connection

Short circuit protection (in case the connector output or coil has a short, the power indicator light will flash 3 times and disable any output)
Low resistance protection (for coils with less than 0.4 ohm, it will disable output with power indicator light flash 3 times)
10-second cutoff (if the power button is held longer than 10 seconds, power indicator light will flash 3 times and output will be disabled automatically)
Overcurrent protection
Reverse battery protection

How To Use Your KangerTech KBOX Mod
To turn the battery on/off, press the power button 5 times within 3 seconds.
To change the current output wattage, keep pressing the wattage switch button until you reach the desired wattage. After the wattage setting passes the 40W mark, it will reset back to 8W.
The battery level indicator will flash 15 times when the cell needs recharging.

Note: Battery is not included in this kit. The user must purchase an 18650 battery, we recommend ONLY using "IMR" batteries in this mod.  Kanger notes using batteries with a continuous discharge rate of 20 Amps or higher.

o    8-40 WATTS
o    18650 (20A)
o    width: Min: 20mm, Max: 25mm
o    510 Connection
o    Wattage: Output: 8-40W
o    Short Circuit Protection
o    Over-current Protection
o    over use 10s protection
o    10 sec cut-off
o    Replaceable Cells
o    variable watt setting